On Wednesday 22 May 2024, our colleagues from the CartoGIS proudly hosted the inaugural GeoAI Research Center Kick-off Event, which brought together more than 50 (inter)national participants. This gathering featured a series of insightful lightning talks followed by engaging discussions, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of GeoAI research. While the event marked a significant milestone, it also highlighted the extensive work that lies ahead for our research community. We are committed to continuing this momentum and furthering our collaborative efforts in GeoAI. Stay tuned for future developments and opportunities to get involved!

An extensive track record

In-depth quality research in a wide range of geographical disciplines.

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geomatics/Master of Science in Geography and Geomatics.

* * *

Research projects at various funding bodies at local, regional, national, European and international levels.

High-quality scientific output: several PhDs every year, a large number of international papers published in highly cited journals, and more.

Contributing at other courses, co-organising specific teacher training in geography and postgraduate training in hydrography.

Training with a future: a wide range of jobs due to increasing awareness of climate issues and sustainable development.

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