Master in Geography and Geomatics

The Master's in Geography and Geomatics focuses on a substantive depth, aimed at getting students to independently carry out scientific conduct research in a subfield of geography (social and economic geography, landscape science, physical geography) or geomatics (cartography and GIS, topography and hydrography).

The programme consists of four blocks: general course units, majors, minors and the master's thesis. The majors delve into the various research domains in geography and geomatics. The minors prepare the student for the professional field and include an internship. Students choose two majors and one minor.

Master's degree - 120 credits
FIRST YEAR General training units
  • Physical geography
  • Landscape research
  • Urban geography
  • Cartography & GIS
  • Topography & hydrography
  • Research & development
  • Environment & planning
  • Surveying
SECOND YEAR Master's thesis

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