Postgraduate degree in Hydrography B

Together with the Institute for Hydrography at the Antwerp Maritime Academy, Ghent University organises the English-language Postgraduate Hydrography B course. This course, unique in Belgium, is intended for people without specific hydrographic prior knowledge.


In the postgraduate Hydrography B, the aim is to gain a practical understanding of hydrography. Furthermore, performing the wide range of tasks involved in hydrography to the students. As a result, the programme is in line with the requirements set by the hydrographic industry.


The Hydrography B programme was accredited by the IHO for the first time accredited at the 36th annual meeting of the International Board on Standards and Competences (IBSC) in Lisbon, Portugal; this accreditation was renewed at the 45th meeting of the ISBC in 2020. This makes the candidate, after passing the programme and the "field training", qualified as a Hydrographic Surveyor - level B.

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