Vision and individuality

The academic programmes in Geography and Geomatics at UGent are unique in Belgium, due to the integrated and interdisciplinary combination of geography and geomatics. The uniqueness and mission of the programmes is built around spatial and relational thinking and acting, underpinned by analytical and synthesising insights and skills:


The balanced integration of geography and geomatics, through (1) specific course units and (2) the systematic application of geomatics methods and techniques in the geography curriculum and the elaboration and use of relevant geographic examples in the elaboration of the geomatics curriculum.


An interdisciplinary approach to geography, involving natural sciences and humanities to take an integrated approach to the relationship between society and the environment and to understand, analyse and answer complex spatial and social questions.


A scientific-technological approach to geomatics, featuring the latest developments around the collection and analysis of time-spatial information.


The balance between theorising and insight and application lies at the heart of the inquisitive and critical attitude.


The field and society are the important sources and field of work, so fieldwork, projects and field trips occupy an important place in the course.


Using knowledge, insights and skills in an original, creative and innovative way in scientific and professional thinking and action.

Education: Programme and curricula