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Prof. dr. Ben Derudder

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Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Ben Derudder is a Professor of Human Geography at the Department of Geography, and an Associate Director of the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) research network. Ben’s research focuses on the conceptualization and empirical analysis of global urban networks in general, and its production and transportation components in particular. He also has a keen interest in the prospect and pitfalls of using network analysis in urban contexts, as well as in the narratives and realities of putatively ‘international’ geographic scholarship.

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Recent Publications

  • Yang, Derudder, Taylor, Ni, Shen (2017) — Asymmetric global network connectivities in the world city network, 2013. (In: CITIES)
  • Zhao, Wu, Liu, Derudder (2015) — A novel method for approximating intercity networks: an empirical comparison for validating the city networks in two Chinese city-regions. (In: JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES)
  • Zhang, Derudder, Wang, Shen, Witlox (2016) — Using location-based social media to chart the patterns of people Moving between cities: the case of Weibo-users in the Yangtze River Delta. (In: JOURNAL OF URBAN TECHNOLOGY)
  • Hennemann, Derudder (2014) — An alternative approach to the calculation and analysis of connectivity in the world city network. (In: ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING B-PLANNING & DESIGN)
  • Taylor, Derudder, Faulconbridge, Hoyler, Ni (2014) — Advanced producer service firms as strategic networks, global cities as strategic places. (In: ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY)
  • Taylor, Evans, Hoyler, Derudder, Pain (2009) — The UK space economy as practised by advanced producer service firms: identifying two distinctive polycentric city-regional processes in contemporary Britain. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF URBAN AND REGIONAL RESEARCH)
  • Orozco Pereira, Derudder (2010) — Determinants of dynamics in the world city network, 2000-2004. (In: URBAN STUDIES)
  • Derudder, Parnreiter (2014) — Introduction: The interlocking network model for studying urban networks: outline, potential, critiques and ways forward. (In: TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR ECONOMISCHE EN SOCIALE GEOGRAFIE)
  • Derudder, Liu, Kunaka, Roberts (2014) — The connectivity of South Asian cities in infrastructure networks. (In: JOURNAL OF MAPS)
  • Orozco Pereira, Derudder (2010) — The cities/services-nexus: determinants of the location dynamics of advanced producer services firms in global cities. (In: SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL)