Dr. Ir. Kobe Boussauw

Kobe Boussauw (°1978, Brugge) is research assistant at the Geography Department of Ghent University. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree in the field of Architecture and a Master's degree in Spatial Planning. Kobe has worked as a consultant in a private company, as a civil servant for the Flemish Government and as an advisor within the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in Kosovo.

Kobe's research deals with the reciprocal relationship between mobility and spatial development in Flanders, as defined in the mission of the Policy Research Centre on Regional Planning and Housing - Flanders. More specifically, the sustainability of spatial structure is examined in relation to travel behaviour, with particular attention to distances of daily trips. Sustainability is defined in terms of robustness, not only regarding scenarios of growing mobility, but also taking into account a decline of mobility in the future. A general declining mobility is a scenario that may develop due to rising energy costs or stringent climate policies, while a selective contraction of the mobility (only affecting parts of the population) may occur by increasing saturation of the traffic system. Moreover, the spatial structure plays a role in influencing travel behaviour in a more sustainable direction.