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11 December 2012
Routlegde Major Works: Global Cities

December 11th 2012, Routledge Major Works published “Global Cities” (Hardback). The collection looks at the growing influence of cities, providing an authorative reference resource on the vast body of literature spanning this area of Urban Studies. The collection has been put together by a number of leading scholars in the field (P. Taylor, J. Beaverstock, B. Derudder, J. Faulconbridge, J. Harrison, M. Hoyler, K. Pain, F. Witlox). It is an essential resource and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital non-stop research tool.

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5 November 2012
Lecture 1 by Prof. Dr. David Banister, holder of the BIVEC-GIBET Chair 2012-2013 (October 15, Brussels) - Planetary boundaries and low carbon urban mobility.


28 June 2012
Article in "De Standaard" (22/6/2012)

"In de ban van de Ring" by Kobe Boussauw and Georges Allaert

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28 June 2012
NCGE Award

NCGE (NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION) Best College/University Article 2012 awarded to Ben Derudder for the article "The Regionalization of Africa: Delineating Africa's Subregions Using Airline Data".

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19 January 2012
"Geography Directions" blog post David Bassens

A "Geography Directions" blog post entitled '"Goldman Sachs rules the world", Islam-style?' by David Bassens

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October 2011
Award for Jonas De Vos

Jonas De Vos was awarded the Transport & Mobility Leuven Thesis Prize 2011.

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9 June 2011
Outstanding Paper Award for Sara Verlinde

Sara Verlinde was presented the Outstanding Paper Award by the Institue for City Logistics during the 7th International Conference on City Logistics (7-9 June 2011, Mallorca, Spain for the article "How to consolidate urban flows of goods without setting up an urban consolidation centre?" (Auteurs: Sara Verlinde, Cathy Macharis & Frank Witlox).

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25 May 2011
BIVEC-GIBET 4th Transport Research Day (at Namur)

From left to right: Dr. Eric Cornelis (FUNDP), Prof. em. Alain Bonnafous (Université Lumière-Lyon2), Prof. Frank Witlox (UGent, BIVEC president), Prof. Philippe Toint (FUNDP) (click on the photo to enlarge)

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20 May 2011
Plandagprijs 2011

On the 20th of May, the shared second prize by PlanDag 2011 (Stichting Planologische Discussiedagen) was awarded to the paper "Suburb en mobiliteit: Zijn alle 'stedelijke gebieden' even stedelijk?" by Kobe Boussauw and Frank Witlox.

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16 June 2011
Studiedag 'Sociale Staat van Vlaanderen 2011'

Studiedag 'Sociale Staat van Vlaanderen 2011' at the Flemish Parliament, Brussels.

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4 April 2011
'Met vracht door de nacht'

Article in 'De Tijd' (1 April 2011) with comments by Sara Verlinde (SEG).

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March 2011
Area Prize 2010
Area Prize 2010 awarded to David Bassens, Ben Derudder, and Frank Witlox for the article "Searching for the Mecca of finance: Islamic financial services and the world city network".

Full reference: Bassens, D., Derudder, B. & F. Witlox (2009) "Searching for the Mecca of finance: Islamic financial services and the world city network". Area, Vol. 42 (1), 35-46.

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1 March 2011
ADICCT Workshop
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4 February 2011
'De kracht van de nacht'
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18 Oct. 2010
19 Oct. 2010
Global Networks and Regional Development: Knowledge Exchange between Ghent University and Utrecht University
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8 October 2010
Expert meeting 'Global challenges for polycentric regions: what role for strategic spatial planning'
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4 October 2010
Secretary-General Van Laarhoven visits Ghent University

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27 August 2010
Presentation at Shanghai Expo 2010

'Shanghai Expo 2010': SEG is one of six UGent research groups presenting research during the 'Oost-Vlaamse (East-Flanders) Week' (27/8). Title of the presentation: 'The global capacity of cities: the changing position of megacities in transnational networks'

22 June 2010
Elfde Oost-Vlaams Economisch Forum

Video recordings of the 'Elfde Oost-Vlaams Economisch Forum' with Frank Witlox as guest speaker.

June 2010
Kobe Boussauw awarded bronze medal at the TRA 2010

Kobe Boussauw was awarded with a bronze medal at the TRA 2010 conference in Brussels within the pillar "Societal importance of transport" for his paper "Spatial variations in destination proximity: a regional case study". The nomination was done by the Young European Arena of Research (YEAR 2010), while the prize was awarded after a poster presentation by the candidate. The awarded paper is a regional case study for Flanders showing that existing variations in spatial proximity are still to a large extent determinant for the volume of kilometres travelled. More information can be found on here.

14 April 2010 -
18 April 2010
2010 AAG ANNUAL MEETING - 'Geographies of Web Information'

AAG Session 'Geographies of Web Information' (Lomme Devriendt and Frank Witlox, with Andrew Boulton and Stanley Brunn from University of Kentucky).

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25 January 2010
Workshop 'Benchmarking Dublin

'Benchmarking Dublin' on 25/1: workshop led by Peter Taylor, Michael Hoyler (both from Loughborough University) and Ben Derudder (UGent), aimed at comparing Dublin's position in the world city network with other (European) cities.

12 Dec. 2009 -
18 Dec. 2009
Defining the lifestyle concept. An application to travel behavior research

Veronique Van Acker, Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Frank Witlox, IATBR, Jaipur, India.

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18 November 2009
Benelux/BIVEC 'Colloquium border-crossing mobility' (Brussels)

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12 Nov. 2009 -
13 Nov. 2009
16th Edition of 'Vervoerslogistieke werkdagen (VLW)'

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UPDATE Sara Verlinde received the best paper award for the paper "Night-time delivery as a potential option in Belgian urban distribution: a stakeholder approach" (S. Verlinde, W. Debauche, C. Macharis, A. Heemeryck, E. Van Hoeck & F. Witlox).

5 Nov. 2009 -
6 Nov. 2009
Urban Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG Annual Conference (Swansea)

Seg participates at the Urban Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG Annual Conference "Global Cities Now? Current Perspectives in Global Urban Studies", Swansea, 5-6 November 2009 (Ben Derudder, Frank Witlox, Anneleen De Vos, Lomme Devriendt, Heidi Hanssens, Stephanie Vervaet, David Bassens).

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UPDATE Lomme Devriendt's "City Networks in Cyberspace and Time: Using Google Hyperlinks to measure Economic and Environmental Crises" received the UGRG prize for best poster.

26 October 2009
Interview with Frank Witlox on night-time deliveries and article on smart city distribution in 'De Lloyd'

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20 October 2009
Lecture 'Vandaag besteld, vannacht geleverd. Over de mogelijkheden van nachtdistributie in Vlaanderen'

Transport & Logistics 2009 (Antwerp).

12 October 2009
Invited lecture 'Introducing the lifestyle concept in travel behaviour research'

Veronique Van Acker, GRT Seminar, Transportation Research Group, FUNDP, Namen.

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22 Sept. 2009 -
25 Sept. 2009
Lezing 'Hoe ruimtelijke planning tot een duurzame mobiliteit kan bijdragen?'

Op uitnodiging. Veronique Van Acker. 21ste Belgische Wegencongres (Gent,ICC).

24 September 2009
Round table discussant 'Sustainable flows demand reliable ILS/ITS solutions within Cities'

Op uitnodiging. ITS World Congress & Saab AB (Stockholm, Rica Hotel).

21 Sept. 2009 -
25 Sept. 2009
Lezing 'The socio-psychological context of acceptability: Understanding (potential) users of ADAS'

Met Sven Vlassenroot, Karel Brookhuis en Vincent Marchau. 16th ITS World Congress 2009 (Stockholm).

17 September 2009
Lezing 'Stilstaan bij mobiliteit'

Op uitnodiging. Isabella Brantkring (Antwerpen)

12 May 2009
Studiedag 'De Sociale Staat van Vlaanderen 2009'

12 mei in het Vlaams Parlement, van 9u tot 17u.

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22 March 2009 -
27 March 2009
AAG Annual Meeting

The SEG is participating in a special session on "World Cities and Global Production Networks" at the AAG Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, March 22-27, 2009. The purpose of this special session is to think about how the literature about Global Production Networks and World City Networks may be integrated in order to provide a starting point for understanding the process behind contemporary globalization.

Please visit the AAG website for more information.

22 March 2009 -
27 March 2009
AAG Annual Meeting

The SEG organizes together with M. Wilson (Michigan State University) and R. Hanley (New York City Technical College) a special session on "New Approaches for Measuring the Geography of Internet Traffic" at the AAG Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, March 22-27, 2009. The purpose of this special session is to think about how new approaches (e.g. VoIP traffic, geo-coding of IP-addresses, exchange points traffic, generated traffic at/between places in cyberspace) may provide us with alternatives for bandwidth volume as a measure for revealing the geography of Internet traffic, including alternative conceptual approaches for studying urban digital accessibility.

January 2009
Global City Forum

Global City is the only international forum where public and private leaders exchange best practices and share sustainable urban strategies. This unique networking platform, dedicated to mayors, urban planners, decision-makers and leaders, will be held in Abu Dhabi in January 2009 - for the first time in the Middle East. Please visit their website.

As researchers in the field of world cities, the SEG (Ben Derudder, Frank Witlox, and David Bassens) will attend to this event in January 2009, presenting earlier world city research as well as recent work on the importance of Islamic financial services within the MENA region.

3 March 2008
UGent kent eredoctoraten toe op 21 maart (10-1-2008)

Het Bestuurscollege van de UGent heeft vandaag beslist aan wie de UGent in 2008 een eredoctoraat zal uitreiken. De Universiteit Gent reikt haar eredoctoraten uit op 21 maart 2008, de Dies Natalis van de UGent.

Het eredoctoraat van de faculteit Wetenschappen gaat naar Prof. Peter J. Taylor (Verenigd Koninkrijk) - Loughbourough University en Virgina Tech (Metropolitan Institute). Professor Peter Taylor is zondermeer één van de meest gezaghebbende onderzoekers in de geografie. Als stichtend hoofdredacteur van één van de belangrijkste tijdschriften in de geografie (Political Geography) en één van de meest geciteerde geografen heeft Peter Taylor in de afgelopen decennia een onmiskenbare stempel gedrukt op de aardrijkskunde.

Meer info bij de persverantwoordelijke UGent:
Isabel Paeme (09 264 30 66,

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24 January 2008 -
25 January 2008
Colloquium on business travel

On 24 and 25 January 2008, SEG hosts a colloquium on "business travel in the global economy". The overall rationale behind the colloquium starts from the observation that mobility is now a primary discourse in globalization debates. This takes many forms but, in economic terms, business travel now appears to be the fundamental production process in constructing and reproducing the Network Society and the global, knowledge-based economy. The formative aim of this workshop is therefore to explore some of the contemporary debates associated with such mobility, the airline industry, business travel and forms of corporate mobility more widely. It will draw together a collection of presentations that offer both empirical examination of the role, geographies and spaces of business travel, but also critical theoretical interventions into existing debates. Through the workshop we seek to advance understanding of: (a) the new socio-economic topologies of business space produced by business travel and the way these underlie relational production networks; (b) the places and spaces of "meetingness" that have emerged and facilitate this; and (c) the geographical, sociological and economic influences on and outcomes of practices of business travel.

14 January 2008

by Professor PIET SAEY, Professor-Emeritus in Social Geography and Planning at Ghent University (Belgium), and member of the Globalisation and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC).

Hosted by the Department of Geography, Loughborough University (UK)
Loughborough University
Stuart Mason Building (SMB)
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom

In conjunction with the 10th GaWC Annual Lecture by Prof. Dr. Piet Saey (Ghent University, Belgium) the Globalisation and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC) organises its second student workshop, this year focusing on Globalisation, World Cities and History.

Recently, GaWC has extended its interests beyond contemporary globalisation, and started to investigate the external relations of cities in the past. Transnational city networks are not limited to our present-day society, but cities and towns have been connected with each other since their early origins. Related to this, one can ask whether or not globalisation and/or the "network society" are really as new as often conceived in the scientific literature. Since globalisation is often interpreted as a strengthening of the role of cities at the expense of states, attention is paid as well to the complex relation between cities and states throughout historical times.

The 2nd GaWC Student Workshop provides an opportunity for students (PhD, Postgraduate, and Undergraduate) to discuss issues on Globalisation, World Cities and History by exchanging and sharing their research ideas and work experiences in an informal and friendly environment. This will be facilitated by a number of senior researchers (e.g. Professors Piet Saey, Peter Taylor, and Michael Hoyler) and early-career researchers. Students from all disciplines of the social sciences and humanities are welcome (historians, archaeologists, geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, political scientists...).

9 November 2007
Afscheidsviering Prof. Dr. Piet Saey

Op 9 november 2007 werd een afscheidsviering gehouden n.a.v. het pensioen van prof. dr. Pieter Saey. Ter gelegenheid van dit afscheid werd een Liber Amicorum samengesteld. Indien u een exemplaar van dit Liber Amicorum wenst te bestellen (kostprijs: 20 euro + verzendingskosten), gelieve contact op te nemen met Dominique Godfroid (tel.: +32(0)9 264 45 54).