The Landscape Research group builds on a long tradition initiated by the holistic and interdisciplinary approach of the regional geography.


Landscape science combines many different research disciplines, such as physical geography, social geography, landscape history, archaeology, landscape ecology, spatial planning, landscape planning and -management, landscape architecture, environmental sciences and environmental psychology.

The study of landscapes is based on the holistic and essentially interdisciplinary approach applied in regional geography, in which aerial photograph interpretation, land characterisation and -survey and GIS are common techniques. The approach is fundamentally integrated (interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary) and integrates a wide variety of topics, characterised by a regional and spatial differentiation.

The need for fundamental landscape research is growing because of the fast changes in our environment. Many applied sciences such as regional and environmental planning (impact assessment), land evaluation and management, etc. require this fundamental knowledge, and the demand is still growing.

Keywords: landscape management and –planning — historical dimension of landscape — landscape perception — landscape experience — landscape ecology


Professor Veerle Van Eetvelde, together with Professor Hans Van Dyck (UCLouvain), wrote an opinion paper in De Standaard naar aanleiding on the occasion of the opening of the first floating solar park in Flanders. What are th…

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From 12 to 15 September 2017 the Landscape research unit of the department of Geography of Ghent University and IALE-Europe have organised the IALE 2017 European congress 'From pattern and process to people and action' in Ghe…

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