The Physical Geography research group of Ghent University focuses on man-environment interactions in the context of a changing environment and climate.


The research group Physical Geography focuses on the interaction between geomorphological processes and human impacts. This mainly involves the effect of changes in land use, land management, hydrology and climate on the surface of the Earth. Focus is given to spatial scales of small (50-150 ha) to medium-sized catchments (15,000 km2) and on dynamics on short (present-day processes) to medium terms (<200 years). Geomorphological processes are investigated using the latest research methods, often in collaboration with developments in the Geomatics research groups. The Physical Geography research group is strongly involved in (university) development projects (in particular in Ethiopia).

Keywords: erosion — mass wasting — runoff and sediment yield — SfM-photogrammetry — hydrogeomorphic modelling — climate — land management


On 30 August 2021, Habtamu Assaye successfully defended his PhD "Land Degradation and Resilience in the Subhumid Highlands of Ethiopia". Since 2017 he has been working at the Department of Geography under the supervision of U…

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Topoclimate, and more precisely orographic rains on windward slopes and leeward rain shadow, controls the spatiotemporal variability of rainfall, vegetation, and hydrology in tropical mountains. Such variability has a substan…

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