The 3D Data Acquisition research group focuses on all modern techniques of surveying: survey engineering, remote sensing, photogrammetry and hydrography.


For the acquisition of terrestrial data, research is performed on a complete range of topographical and photogrammetrical instruments: levelling instruments, robotic total stations, digital cameras for terrestrial photogrammetry, different GNSS receivers, terrestrial laser scanners, mobile mapping,...

The research activities in the field of remote sensing and photogrammetry focus on different applications with satellite images and aerial photographs. These are processed to create digital elevation models, ortho-photos and 3D visualizations.

The main research topics in the field of bathymetry are real-time positioning, autonomous underwater vehicles, computational geometry, triangulation algorithms and filtering techniques of 3D data.

Keywords: UAV — 3D modelling — Survey engineering


This project aims to develop a (near-) real time hydrodynamic model of the Belgian Continental Shelf, southern North Sea, and to determine an accurate and easily accessible 3D description of the Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT)…

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Prof. dr. ir. Alain De Wulf
Tenured Academic Staff
Prof. dr. Rudi Goossens
Tenured Academic Staff
Prof. dr. Tim Van de Voorde
Tenured Academic Staff (Part-time)
Prof. dr. Cornelis Stal
Visiting Professor
Dr. Georgios Klonaris
Scientific Staff
Cap. Axel Annaert
PhD Student
Lander Bral
Assisting Academic Staff
Yinyi Cheng
PhD Student
Marijke De Ryck
Assisting Academic Staff
Lars De Sloover
Assisting Academic Staff
Songyao Huai
PhD Student
Junling Jin
PhD Student
Xiaohui Pan
PhD Student
Jeroen Saelens
Assisting Academic Staff
Niels Van der Elst
Assisting Academic Staff
Xiao Wanghao
PhD Student
Tianchen Zheng
PhD Student
Shan Zou
PhD Student
Frans van Eeden
Scientific Staff, PhD Student

Voluntary Staff