Humanitarian situation in the Tigray War

In view of its longstanding research in the Tigray region (north Ethiopia), the Physical Geography research group shares the plight of the local communities, often partners in our research since decades. In this project, we professionalise the database of civilian casualties in the Tigray War, and update the Tigray Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation.

‐ Upgrade and update the existing database of civilian victims of the Tigray war.
‐ Consolidate the database, in line with best practice and the Standards for Casualty Recording, with “Every Casualty Counts” providing the methodology and training.
‐ Use best endeavours to confirm massacres and civilian deaths
‐ Update the Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation on a monthly basis

Temporary staff: Tim Vanden Bempt, Kiara Haegeman, Robin Ghekiere, Daan Temmerman

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