Eye-tracking laboratory

The Department has its own fully operational eye-tracking lab, which can be used in many different set-ups depending on the experimenter’s needs.

RED250 eye-tracker

In its standard set-up, the lab operates with a remote RED250 eye-tracking device from SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments) that can record movements of both eyes with a sampling rate of 60Hz or 120Hz. This device is connected to:

  • a 22 inch monitor (1680 x 1050 pixels) on which the stimuli (dynamic, static and/or interactive) can be presented to the participants;
  • a laptop (DELL Latitude E6520) on which the software, required to operate the eye-tracking device is installed (SMI IViewX).

The SMI RED250 can also be used in a stand-alone mode. In this case it is placed on a separate foot and thus not attached to the monitor. For this purpose, the lab has a large white board attached to one of its walls on which large-size stimuli can be projected. Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with a 50 inch television screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) on which the stimuli can also be displayed.

Eye Tribe Tracker

The Department disposes of a second type of eye-tracking device which can be used in user studies as well: the Eye Tribe Tracker. This is a low-cost and small-sized remote eye-tracking device, which can record the participants’ eye movement with a sampling rate of 30Hz or 60Hz. It is less accurate than the SMI RED250, but it is characterized by a higher flexibility regarding its transportability. As a consequence, this device is a suitable alternative for studies which need to be carried out in the participants’ natural environment or when visiting events that host large numbers of potential participants.

Eye Tracking Glasses

Besides the ‘static’ eye trackers, the department owns a mobile or wearable eye tracker which is integrated in a the frame of glasses.
The SMI ETG2 Wireless makes it possible for participants to move around while a camera captures the scene on top of which the point of gaze is overlayed.


To set-up and run the experiment and to process the recorded data, the department has several licenses for SMI Experiment Suite 360 at its disposal (which includes SMI Experiment Center and SMI BeGaze). Furthermore, multiple open source packages (OGAMA, EyeMMV,...) and custom made scripts are available to assist in analysing the data.

Additional equipment

Besides the eye-tracking devices, the lab is equipped with other additional devices and software to enable combining multiple methods during user studies:

  • headset and camera (web cam) for thinking aloud studies;
  • detailed user logging software;
  • ...
The windows can be blinded to filter out sunlight that could interfere with the eye-tracker’s signal.

For more information regarding eye tracking research at Ghent University, please visit www.eyetracking.ugent.be